01. The test will take [approximately] two hours.
02. Can you give us an [approximation] of the number of people who were at the concert?
03. The [approximate] number of people we will invite is 100.
04. The accident occurred at [approximately] 3:00 in the morning.
05. It should cost [approximately] $950 to paint the apartment.
06. The government expects to cut the budget by 25%, or [approximately] 40 million dollars.
07. Can you give me an [approximate] number of the people you're expecting at the event?
08. It took me [approximately] 21 minutes to run the 3-mile race.
09. The Canadian dollar is presently worth [approximately] 85 cents American.
10. The Parliament Buildings tour is [approximately] 45 minutes long, depending on how many questions are asked.
11. Female killer whales stop giving birth at [approximately] 40 years of age.
12. There are [approximately] 370 different kinds of sharks in the world.
13. In 1880, there were [approximately] 2 billion birds known as passenger pigeons in the United States, but by 1914, the species was extinct.
14. The average snail moves at a rate of [approximately] 0.000362005 miles per hour.
15. Walter Sellar once said that for every person wishing to teach there are [approximately] thirty who don't want to learn much.
16. I wasn't sure how many people would be coming to the company barbeque, so I just [approximated].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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